Amazing light spectacle in the skies over Hannover (Video)

Intel is working with Deutsche Messe AG to present the Intel CEBIT Drone Park. Daily flight shows and live demos at the open-air site are showcasing the huge range of practical applications for these compact flying machines – and their extraordinary entertainment potential.

The open-air site right is the venue for daily flight shows and live demos designed to show visitors the many things drones can do. Among the exhibits is a model oil rig that sets the scene for just some of the spectacular potential uses for unmanned aerial vehicles. And “spectacular” is certainly the right word if you check out the full program for the Drone Park. Take the Volocopter, for instance – the world’s first fully electric vertical take-off aircraft with official authorization for manned flights. Developed with support from the U.S. computer chip giant Intel, its inventors at German startup E-Volo predict the Volocopter will one day be as common a sight in our cities as taxis are today. Could this finally be the solution, as E-Volo says, to save megacities from descending into traffic chaos at rush hour? Brian Krzanich, the first official passenger in a Volocopter air taxi, certainly agreed after his inaugural flight in Dubai in 2017, saying: “That was fantastic. That was the best flight I have ever had. Everybody will fly one of these someday.”

Besides these purely pragmatic approaches, the Intel Drone Park at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover also has plenty of impressive sights to take in. At around 10.10 p.m. each day from Tuesday through Thursday, a specially choreographed CEBIT “Intel Drone Light Show” is taking to the skies over the d!Campus that’s guaranteed to stop visitors in their tracks. How can we be so sure? Well, the 300 LED-adorned mini drones of the Intel “Shooting Star” fleet already have an impressive track record, having dazzled crowds at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang and in front of the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.


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