Top 5 Best Cheap Drones under $50 – Drones Selection Guide 2020


Just starting in the drone space? Want to get experience and enjoy flying a good quality and affordable drone? Find out about the Top 5 Best Cheap Drones under $50! The video review is available at the end of the article.


5. JJRC H47 ELFIE+ Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone – RTF


JJRC ELFIE+ is superior and cooler than the preceding generation. Operation with one hand is now possible with a small G-sensor controller. 720P HD camera, real-time transmission, Beauty mode, and Altitude Hold offers an extraordinary experience. Stability, 3D flip tricks, and exceptional agility combined with light-weight durable structures enable you to have an ultimate experience while flying this drone.

Main Features:

720P HD resolution + Beauty Mode for beautiful moments with sharpness
Altitude Hold + WiFi FPV within 30 to 50m enable you to film smoothly
Headless Mode gives you maximum freedom in piloting the drone
G-sensor Mode enabled by the small 2.4GHz 4CH G-sensor controller
Advantages over ELFIE: motor arm fastener, drone case, G-sensor controller, Waypoints

Buying options: Standard Version, Version with Two Batteries, Version with Three Batteries


4. TIANQU XS809W Foldable RC Quadcopter – RTF – 2MP Camera


TIANQU XS809W is an awe-inspiring quadcopter with a stylish foldable design. The arms can be folded manually, making it easy to be put into any bag. The RTF version supports control via the transmitter and mobile device. The G-sensor Mode enables the multicopter to move according to the movement of your smartphone for more intuitive operation.
The 2MP WiFi camera offers you the fascinating FPV in real time within the range of 70 – 100m. Therefore, it is a great choice for outdoor aerial photography.

Main Features:

Foldable design, 17.5 x 13 x 6cm when it is folded, approximately the same size of a bottle of water
WiFi FPV, 2MP camera. You can use your phone to pilot the drone, take photos and record videos
Air Press Altitude Hold enables XS809W to stay firmly at a certain height, facilitating smooth shots
G-sensor Mode enables the quadcopter to follow the way in which you move your smartphone
Headless Mode allows the drone to fly according to the movement of joysticks in spite of its orientation
One Key Return makes it effortless to recall the quadcopter whenever you want
● Awesome 3D stunt. It can roll continuously in the air towards different directions
Speed Switch. Low/medium/high speed for players at different levels
● Equipped with 6-axis gyroscope, it is capable of resisting the wind and flying outdoors


3. JXD 509W WIFI Real-time Transmission 2.4GHz / APP Control 720P CAM 4CH 6 Axis Gyro


JXD 509W presents the fantastic aerial view to you as it soars into the sky. Connected with your phone, the aircraft can be controlled by the beginner-friendly UI of the App. You can record everything clearly and smoothly since the drone hovers at the same height in the air, i.e., no blurred or fuzzy photos and videos!
Pilot the drone in spite of the orientation and reach wherever you want effortlessly. Enjoy the thrill of risky maneuvers and have fun by rolling the UAV over and over again like the skillful pilots!

Main Features:

App control, easy to use. The icons help you master the flight skills in a minute
FPV camera helps you capture stunning shots from the unique angle
● Altitude Hold keeps the drone hovering at the same height for smooth shots
Headless Mode gives you the maximum freedom of directional control
One Key Return enabled by the built-in positioning system after you recall it
360-degree Flips means no skill is needed to do the thrilling aerobatics


2. DIY FY605 Drone 4 Channels 2.4G 6-axis Gyroscope Height Keep Quadcopter


Battle mode: Great fun of battling with your families and playmates. An interesting game for parent-child interaction!
The Fun of Battling: Every hit aircraft will show different responses. After 4 hits, drones slowly land and shut off. Refer to the user manual for shooting steps.
Great stability: The with 6-Axis gyro and altitude hold mode help you operate the battle drones skillfully very soon.
Multi-functions: High/medium/low speed modes, 3D flips, and one button take off/landing/emergency stop functions for you to experience cool flying play.
Headless mode: Completely solving “loss of orientation” problems.


1. FuriBee F36 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter (Camera can be mounted)


Super Mini UFO Design: easy to carry, take it into your pocket and enjoy flight anytime
3D FLIPS: with the upgraded motor, you can perform 360-degrees flies without getting in dangerous vortex ring situations, 3D tumbling in four directions with colorful LED lights
6 Axis Gyro: 6-Axis gyroscope adopted for strong stability, allowing for various flight movements under stronger winds
● Suitable to fly indoor – It’s small enough to fly in your living room. It also has wing-guards that are very resistant to damage or crashes.
Flight time: 10-13 mins. Effective operating range is about 100 ft (30m).
●  Last but not least – 24 hours friendly customer service!


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